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Birthdate:Sep 30
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
strange wonders

hey, you've somehow wandered into the journal of Ellie, a nineteen-year-old British girl. I'm soon-to-be a student of English Literature but right now I'm on my gap year. I do some writing for magazines. I cannot cook to save my life. In typical English student fashion, I'm quite loquacious... I talk... a lot. I love the Bronte sisters. I cannot stand Thomas Hardy.

PSA: My username used to be elki308, but it changed to wild-decembers in November 2010!

My journal contains some RL, a lot of book and TV talk and usually some rambling on whatever random thing that takes my fancy. RL stuff is invariably f-locked - fandom stuff is locked/left public according to whim. If you'd like to friend me, please just leave me a comment somewhere saying hey. I'm fairly easy-going when it comes to adding to my f-list, I just like to know who you are and why you're adding. :)

Last year I discovered Sam WinchesterSupernatural and haven't looked back since. I'm also entangled in a mad love affair with The Vampire Diaries (I'm extremely fickle). I'm firmly on Team Damon, and am not-so-patiently waiting on Delena. However, I do not mind which team you play for and everyone is welcome. Anywho, there's a lot of both these shows on my journal atm. Previous loves include the brilliance that is Doctor Who - more specifically, the Doctor and Rose - and, to a slightly lesser extent, Veronica Mars and Life on Mars.

You can find me on twitter at @sweetaboutme_x and on tumblr at ohhellsbells.

Ralph is a babe. No pun intended.

Fandoms and stuff
Doctor/Rose. Damon/Elena. Booth/Brennan. SAMANDDEAN4EVA. Logan/Veronica. Howl/Sophie (the book, not the film). Barney/Robin. Matthew/Mary. Bonnie/Jeremy. Stefan/Katherine. Stefan/Caroline. * Sam/Annie. Chandler/Monica. Robin/Marian. Michael/Sara. Joey/Pacey. Buffy/Angel. Boone/Shannon. Chuck/Blair. Dan/Blair. George/Izzie.

* Yeah... I ship way too much on TVD. There are just so many pairings with amazing chemistry and potential. At this stage, I can't choose! :)

Howl's Moving Castle. Catch 22. Persuasion. Wuthering Heights. Flambards. Frenchman's Creek. Gone With The Wind. Green Dolphin Country. A Prayer for Owen Meany. Tommy Glover's Sketch of Heaven. The Blind Assassin. His Dark Materials. Across the Nightingale Floor. Sabriel. Mortal Engines. Noughts and Crosses.

Although this is really just scratching the surface. I read a lot. :D

Stardust. The Mummy. How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days. Love Actually. Life of Brian. Mean Girls. Pretty In Pink. Inception. Serenity. My Fair Lady. Dirty Dancing. Grease. Breakfast At Tiffany's. An Education. Enchanted. X-Men. Pirates Of The Caribbean. The Lion King + Disney in general. The Notebook. The Princess Diaries. Bridget Jones's Diary. A Cinderella Story. Titanic.

Ashes to Ashes. Blackadder. Bones. Buffy. Coupling. Dawson's Creek. Doctor Who (2005). Downton Abbey. Firefly. Friends. Futurama. Glee. Gossip Girl. Grey's Anatomy. How I Met Your Mother. Life On Mars. LOST. The O.C. The Office (UK). Pretty Little Liars. Prison Break. Pushing Daisies. Reaper. Robin Hood. Scrubs. Skins. Supernatural. Torchwood. The Vampire Diaries. Veronica Mars.

Jared Padalecki. Ian Somerhalder. Nina Dobrev. Jensen Ackles. Neil Patrick Harris. Billie Piper. David Tennant. Lee Pace. Joshua Jackson. Nathan Fillion. Chris Colfer. Kristen Bell. Leighton Meester.

Sam Winchester is cuter than you.


And Dean is... well. Y'know.